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Kanten-News 22

La revista para clientes "Kanten-Noticias Nº 22" ya está disponible.

Kanten-News 21

La revista para clientes "Kanten-Noticias Nº 21" ya está disponible.

Kanten-News 18

La revista para clientes "Kanten-Noticias Nº 18" ya está disponible.

CORULAN – the AC3 finish surface for new areas of application

CORULAN is the new laminatable finish surface from BauschLinnemann that has fantastic print quality, is pleasant to the touch and features AC3 friction qualities.más »


TECOLAM, the brand name for exceptionally high-quality finish and wrapping foils, has only been a familiar concept in the door industry. It has also been used with other more durable furniture and table surfaces to provide a...más »

Wood Look

Years of work has gone into creating the perfect surface for finish foils. The Wood Look surface from BauschLinnemann was developed in the company and has received the accolade of the Design Award. It is the undisputed leader in...más »

Kanten-News 17

The new customer magazine "Kanten-News Nr. 17" is now available.

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